I cannot hide it any longer,

Is the answer to many prayers,

So forget the past,

It bares your name.

I bet, you will find yourself,

You will have own voice,

Nothing bad will happen,

Take a bold,

And take the fire.

The dark days will be over,

You and l will have peace,

I cannot hide it any longer,

This is your destiny,

It belongs to you,

Is your desire,

Take your fire.

I bring the fire you left behind,

It burns and burns,

But it won’t burn you,

I bring the fire, fire, fire.
By: Aananse.


Look into my eyes,

What do you see,

My darling,

Love or lust?

The laughter in my eyes tell an emotional story,

People say, my eyes are beautiful and bewitching,

My seer, do you see lies?

Look into my eyes

What do you see, inspiration or perspiration?

Tell me the mysteries in the tear drop,

And the unhealed pain,

Come closer, my soothsayer,

Embrace my sadness,

And tell me, my tomorrow.

By: Aananse


Thirty pieces of silver

Many pieces of veil hide true face

Dipping of bread in wine, Communion with the Saint

Greed mingled with calling

Conspirator at a table, speaking fine words

Feet washed but the ungrateful heart is stained from womb

Kiss to betray, the order of the day

Yesterday holds deeds

Thirty silver coins scattered before God and man

Reward comes today and tomorrow

Thirty blood pieces for strangers potter’s field

A citizen hangs on a tree

Calling over willpower or willpower over calling?

Just kiss to betray

Expression to beautify the face is laughter, intention is in mind; laughter is the mission in mind

Thirty pieces of silver purchased redemption

Woe upon on his baldness, Curse be the tree on which his soul sleep

Or is he the second unsung hero?

Judas Iscariot.
By: Aananse


In my ears

I hear voices


Sweet, never heard before harmony

From above, heavenly

String instruments in their voices


A little above my head, they stand


Angels sing a little above my head

Every morning

And ln my soul

I feel the sweet melody of a new day.
By: Aananse


Last ten years

Tears streamed down in floods

Endless suffering dried it up

I fought continuously in my head

I was not strong, Neither am l today

I acted out to secure a place in the crowd

Laughing and playing hard with them

I frown in between  laughter

From last ten years until now

Nothing has changed

I still weep

Weeping floods into my stomach.
By: Aananse


We will be here

You will meet us upon your return

We that your heart hates cruelly 

You will see us well and prosperous

Sitting by the log fire with our grey hair

Chanting our spiritual songs

Chewing sticks in our mouths

Walking sticks in our hands 

Knowledge has not depart from us

We will be here; ready to forgive, forgetting the foolishness

You will sense our victory from your little hut

You will hear our laughter in your dream 

But your spittle will remain fresh on the doorkonb

You are hot tempered, You will never kiss the earth we walk; wailing and begging

We will here to pour the last libation beside your grave

And coming home to tell our grandchildren not to be like you.


African Traditional Poetry


I cried blood into the well

I cried streams on you

I cried thunder, invoking the spirit of reincarnation

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

You now rest, six feet under

Under the dust that produced your bread

Under the dust that you came from

Six feet under, motionless , breathless, powerless

I washed my hands not your memories

I washed calamity from hands

I washed not your heart from my heart

I was afraid the dead on my hands would harm another beautiful soul

So l washed my hands before l went home

I washed my hands after your ancestors embraced you.

By: Aananse

Dedicated to Nii Fakye

African traditional poetry

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